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Autumn is the most awesome person ever created.
Yesterday May 7th, 2012, I got to go to the KRTV news Studio and learned lots of new things. First when we went there, we got a mini tour. We saw the editing rooms for when reporters send in stories from out in the field and the control room (where apparently they scream and swear.) Then we went to the actual studio room where they presented a live broadcast right in front of us. After they were done we got to interview the news crew and Katie Stukey had a really funny funny face. I think it was pretty cool what actually goes on behind the camera. We even got a tip from Katie that you look down at your shoe and look up and smile saying 'my shoe's not untied!'

My Career table
My top three interests and my top three skills
Dolphin Researcher
General Surgeon or RN (Registered Nurse)
Name and Information on News story subject
My aunt Crystal...She is an RN...
Answers you can answer via research.
  • how has technology impacted the career
  • What you have to wear
  • how does your career benefit others
  • Education requirements...which colleges
  • Income...benefits
  • Common Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Equipment requirements
  • how much college
  • location...indoors, outdoors, part of the world
  • hours you need to work
  • OUTLOOK...
  • how has it changed over time
  • related jobs or careers
Questions to ask subject when subject is not on camera
~How old are you?
~How long have you been doing this?
~What is your salary range?
~How many hours do you work?
~Do you get to spend time with your Family?
Questions to ask subject when subject is on camera
~Why did you want this job?
~What is your favorite part about your job?
~What was the most amazing or exciting thing you have done at this job?
~What did you do today?
~Do you enjoy your job and why?
~What is your favorite part of your job?
~What kind of education do you need for this job?
Shots I'm gunna get