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My Career table
My top three interests and my top three skills
Architect,Graphic Design,Computer Animator.
Name and Information on News story subject
My Dad,
Answers you can answer via research.
  • how has technology impacted the career.
  • What you have to wear
  • how does your career benefit others
  • Education requirements...which colleges Income...benefits
  • Common Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Equipment requirements
  • how much college
  • location...indoors, outdoors, part of the world
  • hours you need to work
  • OUTLOOK...
  • how has it changed over time
  • related jobs or careers
Questions to ask subject when subject is not on camera
  • How long have you been doing this job
  • what are your hours
  • what time do you usually go to work
  • what is the average salary your career makes
  • what kind of college degrees did you need to do this career.
Questions to ask subject when subject is on camera
  • How did you chose your job.
  • whats the strangest thing that has ever happened on your job.
  • what is a typical day like at your office.
  • what is the best part about your job.
  • what is the worst part of your job.