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<3Jordan is the Queen of Hearts with the Madd Hatter at her side<3


First thing you should know is that music is heard throughout the land all day every day!!! <3
My people(like me) love rock, hardcore, screamo, country, pop, r&b, rap, alternative, punk and of course there
are classic bands and singers that have no true classification, and i shall not disgrace so many great ones by
including them in a box with other mediocre artists. I love other artists aswell but i put some others above the rest<3
external image i_love_music__by_SmilingIdeea.jpg

Art is a major part of my Queendom. I favor drawing and sketching. My specialty
is people and nature. i love to draw abstract

I love nature and care for the Earth for it is my home.<3 Roses are my favorite flower<3
And any who hurt animals are severely punished!!!!!!external image louise-carey-love-the-earth.jpg
external image Black-Rose-Wallpapers.jpg

I love sports, I often play basketball!<3 A great sport! The oragnyness of it all is almost too much!
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTwAQFdT-cQE8NhTTZJrzl71aMyfIadbc97Nmp4yPtMVQPo1hI7LWvQxbTRyg