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Over seeier
Special Olympics
15, 8:15-3:00

Special Olympics
15, 8:15-3:00

Special Olympics
10AM -12PM

Directions: Work with a partner and write down your ideas about problems and/or needs you have observed. Addressing one of these needs could become a volunteer project for you or you and your partner.

Things that need to be done and Needs of kids or teachers at our school.

I could bring in food for the food bank.
I could also help teachers out when the need assistance.
I could also talk less.
Others kids could talk less too.
Also more kids need to turn in their homework.
The teachers should loosen up a little since its the end of the year, but to much because then students might slack off and fail at the last quarter of the year.
Clean up
Tutor kids
Maypril clean up

Things that need to be done in your neighborhood:

We need to have a party and get to know each other better.
We also need to fill all of the pot holes and dips.
Shovel the walk
Rake leaves
Mow lawns

Things that need to be done in your home, yard, or garage (without being asked):

I need to clean my room
Pick up dog poop
Mow the lawn
Sweep the garage
Set up the pool.
Clean house
Do dishes
Do laundry
Walk the dogs
Wash car
Pull weeds
Clean out flower beds

Things that need to be done in our community:

We need to Clean up the community.
Provide food
Be nicer.
special Olympics
children museum of Montana
animal shelter
serve food at rescue mission
food bank
untied way

What does the word volunteer mean?
period 1 - Volunteering is doing something good, some type of service, done willingly on the part of the volunteer without getting any material rewards. Will be on your own time. Usually makes a positive impact on the community. Volunteers do work for other people or non-profit organizations or institutions.

Why volunteer?
Period 1 - Make somebody else feel good, Makes you feel good, You are helping someone, makes something in your community better, feeling of accomplishment, makes you look good, gives people some hope, sets a good example for others, gives you something to do, develop some skills, Meet some new people, it is a way to improve yourself, good experience, looks good on a resume.



  • Cannot be something you are already doing...
  • It must be of benefit to someone else...
  • You must spend a minimum of 2-3 hours in the volunteer work you choose...
  • Volunteer Log is due on February 29th...if you volunteer after that...indicate when and where, with who, for who and what you volunteered to do on your volunteer log

Planning Table:
Who I plan to volunteer for person and or organization
Special Olympics
What I plan on saying when I contact volunteer provider
My name is Stevie is there anything I could do to help, my helps and says its really fun.
When and where I plan on volunteering
the area games and the state games
What I plan on doing
kayaking and swimming and cheering and helping
What I actually did
kayaked and cheered, I got to know people like Nicki we read the Muppet's book together, his dad told me thank you for entertaining him, Nicki also told me that i should go to CMR.
Time I spent volunteering
8:15-3:00 both days
Date I volunteered
4/26/12 and 4/27/12
Hours I volunteered
17 hours and 30 minutes
compliment for Mr.A
Your amazing and I love your chimichanga hair