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coolest and worst part of using HOM
I had many great experiences and I also had some bad experiences. The best thing that happened to me using the habit of mind of persistence was when I watched my final project of my grandma's 80th birthday video. I have been working on this project for weeks now. I spent over ten hours scanning pictures for it and when I was done I was very happy I even did a little happy dance. I didn't really have any bad experiences but I thought listening with understanding and empathy was a waste of time. When I did the HOM it didn't do anything for me because my friends didn't listen to me. Also it brought me more into the drama then I already was. I had more good experiences than i had bad.

volunteer experience
I volunteered for Special Olympics I went to Billings Montana and spent the whole week there helping cheering talking and playing. WE left on a Tuesday and got there late it was an 5 hour drive. After pizza we went back to the hotel and we all went swimming it was so cool the kids had splashing wars and played mermaids. Then the next night after kayaking we went to opening ceremonies. It was so cool the kids danced and sung they played games and cheered. At the ceremonies one of the kids got in trouble and had to sit by me he didnt want to be there and eventually fell asleep. The next day i watched the same kid swim a 100 freestyle. it was so cool I also learned some sign language from a deaf girl named Thea, she gave me a sign name. then that night we went to a dance where you could face paint get tatoos. we danced alll night with so many differnt people, every team was there. I met so many new people. i loved that they didnt care what people thought of them. They were always happy no matter what. One down point was that i missed a lot of school and have a lot of homework.It was one of the coolest things that ive ever seen. I learned a lot and im going to do it next year id also like to do basketball and winter Olympics.
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5/4/2012 - My Strongest Habit of mind.
My strongest Habit of mind is applying past knowledge to new situations. It is my strongest habit because when I learn something I remember it and I can apply it to life. When I was little I learned to swim. Then when I got older I taught others to swim. Now I help with special Olympics and teach then how to swim. Also when we learned fractions I was good at them because I bake with my grandparents all the time. To bake you have to use measuring cups that one have fraction you have to double and add and subtract ingredients to make things. I know learned How to add and subtract money, I also learned to count it back properly from watching my grandpa at his bakery sometimes he would let me help him. I also have ran a cotton candy stand outside his bakery and he would make me count the money back properly. Then when I got to financial literacy I knew what to do from past knowledge. Even though I don't use past knowledge all the time to sort out my problems I am very good at it. Mr.A is amazing!
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11 sentence paragraph about HOM
intro- topic
concrete details- 3*
cometary- further explains concrete
-Strongest HOM
-Biggest weakness HOM
-improve weakness HOM
We learned that the habits of mind were created by Dr. Costa and Dr. Kalik. Then we found what our strongest and weakest Habits of mind were. My strongest was, I am curios and have a sense of wonderment about the world in which I live. I enjoy solving problems and always try top do my best. When someone is in trouble I like to try to help them. I Love to learn and ask why a lot. I also believe that if you don't try to do your best then its not worth it. My weakest Habit of mind was I am constantly adding new vocabulary. In think about my words and choose them as to communicate my ideas precisely. I don't really try to learn new words. I am content with my vocabulary. To help make My vocabulary habit of mind better I am going to write down every new word I hear and find the definition. then I am going think about the words I use, and new ways of saying things so that people don't get bored talking to me. If I do that people will think I'm smart like Mr. A.
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