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My partners were Liz and Eric.

What does the word VOLUNTEER mean?
- Doing something for someone else.
- Doing something without getting paid.
- Doing it on your own free time.

Why do we volunteer?
- Makes someone else feel good.
- Makes yourself feel good.
- It's the right thing to do.
- You're helping someone or something.
- Makes something better.
- Shows people that you're a good person.
- Gives some people hope.
- Sets good examples for others.
- Kills time.
- Helps develop your skills.
- Meet other people.
- Shows commitment.
- Looks good on a resume.

Directions: Work with a partner and write down your ideas about problems and/or needs you have observed. Addressing one of these needs could become a volunteer project for you or you and your partner.

Things that need to be done and Needs of kids or teachers at our school.

I could bring in food for the food bank. I could also help teachers out when the need assistance. Students could also get to know other students better. Students can help tutor other students. Help a teacher clean his room. Help a custodian. Healthier and better lunches. Volunteer in the food bank. MAPRIL cleanup. Help Mr. Rediske in the greenhouse.

Things that need to be done in your neighborhood:

Around the school- Litter needs to be picked up and it would be nice if the grass was mowed. Also, flowers and such would look great in the courtyard and front of the computer. Shovel snow, rake leaves, mow your neighbor's lawn.

Things that need to be done in your home, yard, or garage (without being asked):

The side of the hill needs to be derockified and I could go out and look for big rocks in the pasture for landscaping. I guess I could also do dishes, counter tops, floors, etc. in my house all though I'd hate doing it. Sweep out the garage. Vacuum under furniture. Wash your parents' car. Pull weeds. Clean out flower beds.

Things that need to be done in our community:

It's time for flowers and gardens to be planted. Litter control would also help. The Children's Museum could always use a good scrubbing down. Also volunteering at the mission or shelter would be nice. Special Olympics, MAPRIL cleanup, United Way, helping with masses at Church.

Planning Table:

Where I Volunteered
What I Did
Mom's Office
50 Min.
Made copies of donations and office work.
Charger's Baseball Game
3 hrs.
Volunteered doing concessions and helped serve people.
Children's Museum
2 1/2 hrs.
Helped paint a bumblebee on a flower picture and wrote bee facts down on flowers.

Who I plan to volunteer for/person and/or organization
I'm going to try and volunteer for the Easter Seals or get into the Special Olympics or help at the Diocese.
What I will say when I contact volunteer giver
Hello, my name is Mari. I'm a student at EMS and we have to do some volunteer work for a class. But, that's not the only reason I'd like to volunteer. I'd also like to volunteer to meet new people, help develop my skills, set an example for others, it looks good on a resume, and it would make me feel good and someone else, etc.
When and Where I will volunteer

What i plan to do

What i actually did

Time I spent volunteering...dates and hours

Compliment for Mr. A

May 17 - 3 to 4 hrs. of volunteer work