What does the word volunteer mean?

  • period 1 - Volunteering is doing something good, some type of service, done willingly on the part of the volunteer without getting any material rewards. Will be on your own time. Usually makes a positive impact on the community. Volunteers do work for other people or non-profit organizations or institutions.
  • Period 3 - Selflessly giving your time to someone who needs it. Helping another person without expecting anything in return. You get a sense of fulfillment. Done on your own time. Usually makes a positive impact on the community.
  • Period 4 - going out of your way to help someone or your community. out of your own will, without expectation of anything in return, done on your own time. done by choice...usually makes a positive impact on someone's life or on the community in general.
  • Period 5 - When a person offers to do something for someone else, no expectation of pay, not forced or told to do it...It is of your own volition. Being a slave by choice. Doing a job without pay. Doing extra for other people, animals, organizations, or groups...Done on your own time, improves life in your community somehow, n. Bei
  • Period 8 - Helping someone do something without any expectation of payment in any form. Usually has some other positive benefits. Making a commitment to help someone you might not even know. Usually improves your community. Volunteer work is done on YOUR OWN TIME. Vo

Why volunteer?

  • Period 1 - Make somebody else feel good, Makes you feel good, You are helping someone, makes something in your community better, feeling of accomplishment, makes you look good, gives people some hope, sets a good example for others, gives you something to do, develop some skills, Meet some new people, it is a way to improve yourself, good experience, looks good on a resume.
  • Period 3 - Good way to learn how to do something, Improve your mood, take your mind off your problems, helps you with your esteem issues, Save some time for other people, looks good on applications for college and for work as well, Learn about a career, Volunteers are well-respected, get you your eagle scout badge, to have fun, to get free food, meet new people, make friends, parents force you, or teachers make you, learn about your community, relieve boredom, improve your community
  • Period 4 - Makes you feel good, helps the community, adds meaning to your life, improve the community, make your life better, good way to spend your time, spiff up your resume, boosts self-esteem, makes you look good in the eyes of others, save taxes, It's fun, new experiences, learn new things, make friends, learn new skills, gain empathy for other people, Improves your mood sets a good example,
  • Period 5 - good experience, helps you find a job, gives you some skillz, selflessness, Self-Esteem, good for a college application or a resume, might just be your ticket to heaven, your parent told you to, It's fun, meet new people, take you out of your comfort zone (Helen), serves your community, improves your community, relieves boredom, takes my mind of my stupid little problems.
  • Period 8 - Helping others is an important value, good karma, It may help someone who really needs it, meet new people or make new friends, appreciation and respect from others, teacher or parent made you do it, Learning a new skill or a life lesson, make others think well of you, self-esteem building, looks good on a college or job application, takes your mind off your problems, gives you something to do, It is fun

Directions: Work with a partner and write down your ideas about problems and/or needs you have observed. Addressing one of these needs could become a volunteer project for you or you and your partner.

Things that need to be done and Needs of kids or teachers at our school

  • tutor kids, Help a teacher clean his room, (MR A), help custodians, MAPRIL Cleanup, Volunteer in the food bank, clean up the courtyards, Help with Mr. R's greenhouse, student aide, help other kids study, during connections, hip hop help, help with the food pantry, volunteer cleaning for ms wanke, collect and bring blankets to g11, volunteer for a teacher, aide, correcting papers for a teacher,

Things that need to be done in your neighborhood:

  • Shovel snow, rake leaves, mow your neighbor's lawn, clean up sidewalks, possibly shovel sidewalks or driveways, Mapril cleanup you could go clean neighborhood park, house sit - take care of a neighbors house when they leave. clean up litter off street, walk neighbors dogs, visit elderly, wash neighbor's car, water neighbor's lawn, babysit or dog sit, help bring groceries in, help neighbor kids with homework or schoolwork,

Things that need to be done in your home or a relatives home, yard, or garage (without being asked):

  • Clean your siblings room, thoroughly clean out the refrigerator/freezer, clean the house, vacuum under furniture, Do dishes and laundry for a whole week, Clean garage, pick up (don't eat) the dog poop, wash your parent's car, pull weeds, clean out flower beds, take out the trash, help sibling with hw, wash the driveway, wash the windows, breakfast in bed, take care of your pet, brush dog, give dog a brush and bath, cook dinner for a week. house sit for grand parents, water plants, etc.,make some minor repairs to thing.

Things that need to be done in our community:

  • Special Olympics, Mapril cleanup, Children's museum of Montana, animal shelter, serving a meal at the rescue mission, great falls food bank, United Way, Church, helping out with church meals, cleaning church, helping with Services, take food to the rescue mission and help serve meals, salvation army store, help older people to their car with groceries, collect and take clothes and/or furniture to st. vincent de paul, visit people in the hospital or in a retirement home, bake cookies for the retirement, collect recyclables and take them to recycle center, volunteer for PET Paw see (Wenger), volunteer at the library.



  • Cannot be something you are already doing...
  • It must be of benefit to someone else...
  • You must spend a minimum of 2-3 hours in the volunteer work you choose...
  • Volunteer Log is due on May 17th...if you volunteer after that...indicate when and where, with who, for who and what you volunteered to do on your volunteer log

Planning Table:
who I plan to volunteer for/person and/or organization

What I will say when I contact volunteer giver

When and Where I will volunteer

what i plan to do

what i actually did

Time I spent volunteering...dates and hours

compliment for Mr. A

You need a signed paper that says something along the lines of:
volunteered and helped me for _ hours. Please describe what ___ did for you in the space below.