Parent volunteers...for clips from work...need them by the first week in March...


  • saving everything in same folder on desktop

  • NARRATION...How to save narration clips

  • Publishing your WMV...difference between a WMV...

  • animating your voice...RECORDING Booth...for those of you afraid of what others thing of you...

Career Table

North Middle School - News Stories
North Middle School - News Stories

North Middle School - News Stories


North Examples...2009 examples

Career Table
My top three interests and my top three skills

Name and Information on News story subject

Answers you can answer via research.
  • How has technology changed that career field
  • Salary
  • Hours or time spent on job
  • Personality qualities or traits
  • Work environment (high stress, low stress, indoors, outdoors, creative, non-creative, work alone, work with others, dirty, clean )
  • Benefits - Retirement, health insurance, dental, or cation, sick leave, maternity, etc.
  • Educational or experience requirements
  • we are the borg
  • Geographic Location (what part of the country/world)
  • Tools or Equipment needed
  • Technology required
  • is travel required or do you get to stay put
  • OUTLOOK for future
  • similar career fields or professions
Questions to ask subject when subject is not on camera

Questions to ask subject when subject is on camera

Katie's stories...

Things to remember when creating your news stories...

Questioning Strategies - When asking questions...there are some guidelines you should follow
  • simple questions...yes/no short answer are best to ask before the interview
  • don't ask leading questions....
  • emotional thought questions...
  • yes...ASK Personal Questions

3 types of camera shots - don't just do a mix of each....
  • wide angle
  • medium angle
  • close up

Flags Stolen Video
  • Framing is important
  • 3 types of shots...good mix of all

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Box Elder Video
  • subject comfortability
  • questioning strategies
  • Naration

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Campground video
  • out of town...shows where you are
  • Good example of a stand up

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Multi-Media Journalist

Hardest part of job...

Vary Shots...creative shots...framing is very important... also important....