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Sparkles make everything better!
Food- Milkshakes specifically from Ford's
and pizzas i like everything on my pizzas
except sardines and mushrooms. Also the
best pizza is fro Howards.
milkshakes.jpgexternal image pizza.jpg
Animal- A Lion, i think that they are graceful and I love their manes.
external image lion-wallpaper-from-lion.jpg
Color- Orange and yellow, they remind me of summer, I love summer!!!
Vacation- the best vacation i can think of was last summer I went to Spokane and on the way we stopped in silver wood, we went for my dad's baseball team. my family, Maddie, and Gavin came with me. it was so fun and it is my favorite because it was so funny.
external image SilverwoodSkyline.jpg
Super Hero- Super Grover, I just think he is the best he is smart and teaches kids too.
external image sesame-street-live-super-grover-ready-for-action-mid-hudson-civic-center_13032864051044.png
Store- Target, it has everything.
external image 125px-Target_logo.svg.png
Sport- swimming, I've been swimming since I was five, and both my parents are swim coaches, my dad has one 5 state championships for cmr.
Baseball Team- Yankees
Subject- Math, i like how there is always an answer, and there is no opinions in math.
Movie- Princess and the Frog, the songs are the best plus I like the story, Notebook because I am a big sap and love love storys, and Never Ending Story its magical and makes me feel like a little kid everytime I watch it.
Actor- Ryan Gossling because he so good looking
Boook- Awaken it was differnt from what i usually read and I loved it I didnt set it down the whole time and Sahar's Key I love holocost books and this one is the best but i cried multiple times.
external image AwakenBook.jpgexternal image sarahs-key.JPG
Number- Four
Resturaunt- Howard's Pizza
external image 72.1.png