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All of the things we did this quarter were challenging all in the right ways. I liked when I got to go to the KRTV news studio and watch a live broadcast!! One suggestion I have is for the Volunteer thing to have students do at least 6 hours of volunteer work so that there is more of a challenge for most students. Also, whoever volunteers the most hours should get a prize for all of their hard work and dedication.
June 1, 2012
In ECS this quarter, we practiced the 16 Habits of Mind. I had many cool experiences but one particularly wasn't any practice at all. One of the coolest experiences was Persistence and Taking Responsible Risks. I was at gymnastics and I haven't vaulted in 2 years. I was really scared but I tried as hard as I could to get over that fear and I finally got my really good vaults back. One of the worst experiences was finding humor. I laugh almost every day. This Habit of Mind was no challenge to me and did me no good; I tried to find something really worth laughing at but it was too easy. Overall, I had a pretty good ECS- The 16 Habits of Mind experience. Mr.Agamenoni is the bomb.
May 21, 2012 My Volunteer experience
In ECS this quarter, we did our legacy unit and were required to do some volunteer work. I decided to volunteer at The Electric City Classic Volleyball Tournament working concessions. Concessions were awesome in the morning. All people wanted in the morning was coffee; so I got to make it. I also got my homework done since we really only needed one person at that time. In the afternoon, it was extremely busy. It was lunch time so all of the volleyball players were hungry. We kept running out of hot dogs and eventually ran out of smoothies. One thing I would have changed is they had too many people signed up for the same time during the afternoon. It was extremely crowded in the concessions room. It made me feel like I was always in the way. Volunteering this quarter at The Electric City Volleyball Classic was a great learning experience. I had never worked "behind the counter" before and I learned lots of new things. Mr.Agamenoni has a lovely ear.
May 4th, 2012 (11 Sentence Paragraph on Habit of Mind Strength)
In this blog post, I will describe my ability of Persistence to help myself and others to be more successful. Persistence is sticking to a task until it is completed and not easily giving up. I can look at a problem or skill and figuring out a way to "attack" it. I can come up with more than one method for "attacking." A few areas where I persist the most is in sports and at school. In volleyball, I'm one of the shortest people on my team and I wanted to be a hitter; they said I wasn't tall enough but I kept on practicing and now I can jump higher than the net. At school

4-30-12 News Report #2
Greg Mortenson, author of "Three Cups of Tea," U.S. District Judge Sam Haddon didn't accept the civil lawsuit filed by others who claimed the book was a fraud and should be categorized as fictional. Haddon says, "The claims lack factual support."
external image Three-Cups-of-Tea_Greg%20Mortenson-cover.jpg
4-29-12 News Report #1
Tomorrow, April 30th, 2012, construction workers will start a new project on 6th Street SW and 10th Avenue South due to the number of reported accidents on this intersection to ensure more safety. This road project will include adding a 6th street SW merge lane onto 10th, removing the "traffic island" and the traffic signals will be relocated.

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4-24-12 11 Sentence Paragraph on HOM

In Mr. Agamenoni's class, I found out my strongest habit of mind, my weakest, and how to improve my weakest habit of mind. My strongest habit of mind is "I am a persistent person; if I don't succeed on the first try, I keep trying until I do succeed." Tonight at gymnastics, I was learning how to do a front handspring front tuck. My coach told me I could switch to another event but I was determined to master the new skill and decided to stay on that event. My weakest habit of mind is "I am curious and have a sense of wonderment about the world in which I live; I enjoy solving problems and always try to do my best." When I learn new things I really don't try to apply it to our modern world. I am not very curious about what goes on in our modern world. I have come up with a few strategies to help me improve my weakest habit of mind. The first is to watch the news every day at home so I know exactly what's going on in my community. My second way is when I'm reading my social studies book and I find something interesting, I'm going to find out how it affected our modern world. I might have many strong habits of mind but for now, I am going to focus on giving a boost to my weakest. Mr.Agamenoni is a great teacher that helps students achieve their goals by giving them a good, strong, challenge.