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Autumn is the most awesome person ever created.

Who I plan to volunteer for/person and/or organization
What I will say when I contact volunteer giver
I already volunteered...
When and Where I will Volunteer
This Weekend at the Electric City Classic Volleyball Tournament
What I plan to do
What I actually did
Worked concessions
Time I spent volunteering...dates and hours
4 hours (7:00 am.-11:00am) April 29th, 2012
Compliment for Mr.A
Mr.A is awesome!
What is Volunteering?

  • ~Volunteering is doing something good without getting any material rewards.
  • ~Makes a positive impact on the community.
  • ~Doing something that makes others feel relieved that someone is there to help and feel good.
  • ~Volunteering is saving the Earth.
  • ~Opposite of community service.

Why Should I Volunteer?

  • ~Just knowing that you can help make a difference makes you feel good about yourself.
  • ~It helps the community
  • ~Gives hope and shows people you are a good person.
  • ~Sets examples for others and future generations.
  • ~It gets you up off your feet so you don't become a couch potato.
  • ~It helps to develop skills.
  • ~It is a way to improve yourself
  • ~Looks good on a resume.

Partners: Renee W, Jordan M
Things that need to be done and needs of kids or teachers at our school

  • ~We need people that want to help out with school-wide events, kids helping kids with work and helping them catch up if they missed a day.
  • ~clean teachers' rooms
  • ~Tutoring
  • ~MAPRIL cleanup
  • ~Help with Mr.Rediske's greenhouse
  • ~Clean up the courtyards

Things that need to be done in your neighborhood
  • ~Clean up trash
  • ~pull weeds
  • ~Water plants
  • ~When there is snow, it can be shoveled
  • ~rake leaves
  • ~clean up the neighborhood park

Things that need to be done in your home, yard, or garage (without being asked)
  • ~Mow the lawn
  • ~Water the lawn
  • ~Clean out garage
  • ~the dishes
  • ~walking dogs
  • ~clean out the garage at grandma's house
  • ~vacuum
  • ~clean up backyard
  • ~wash the cars, bikes,etc.
  • ~water flowers

Things that need to be done in our community
  • ~Cleaning Yards
  • ~Mowing Lawns
  • ~tutoring
  • ~clean rocks out of the road
  • ~special Olympics
  • ~mapril cleanup
  • ~Children's Museum of Montana
  • ~Animal Shelter help
  • ~united way