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Planning Table:
who I plan to volunteer for/person and/or organization
CMR Choir Department
What I will say when I contact volunteer giver
I would like to volunteer to help with anything i can
When and Where I will volunteer
Wednesday 16, 2012
what i plan to do
help clean up the choir room
what i actually did
organized different peices of music
Time I spent volunteering...dates and hours
1 hour
compliment for Mr. A
llamas look funny.
Volunteer: A person who does a service for someone else. They do this willingly for that person.That person does this service without getting paid for it.

Reason To Volunteer
Make somebody else feel good, Makes you feel good, You are helping someone, makes something in your community better, feeling of accomplishment, makes you look good, gives people some hope, sets a good example for others, gives you something to do, develop some skills, Meet some new people, it is a way to improve yourself, good experience, looks good on a resume.

Directions: Work with a partner and write down your ideas about problems and/or needs you have observed. Addressing one of these needs could become a volunteer project for you or you and your partner.

Things that need to be done and Needs of kids or teachers at our school:

Have another food drive or you could donate money to the school so we would have more funds to do more fun stuff in school.

Things that need to be done in your neighborhood:

People need their lawns mowed and there sidewalks shoveled

Things that need to be done in your home, yard, or garage (without being asked):

clean house, vacuum under furniture, Do dishes, do laundry,wash parents car, pull weeds, clean out flower beds.
Things that need to be done in our community:help stray animals,mapril clean up, Children's Museum Montana