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6-5-12 Was this class fun?
I think that your fun and that you talk about a lot of funny stuff but none of the work was fun partly because it was too easy and also i already knew how to do every thing we've done in here other than Wikispaces , and I'm pretty sure everyone else did too. To fix this you could find us new weird thing no ones in here has done before.
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6-1-12 HOM
Lately my class has been working on the 16 Habits of Mind(HOM). My best experience practicing home was when i was using striving for accuracy on my test. not only did i get through the test without guessing on a single problem. i also was the first one done. THe habit of mind i don't like the most is metacognition because i doesn't make since to me. How can you think about what your thinking that's what confuses me. These are my bet and worst experiences with the habits of mind.
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5-21-12 My Volunteer Experience.
I had an okay volunteer experience volunteered at CMR for my mom who is the choir teacher. Mostly i organized different pieces of music into folders.It took along time because there was so much different kinds of was worth it though cause i made it a lot easier for my mom to get ready for her class the next day. The only bad thing about it was i was not able to have much free time that day because i was busy with the volunteer work. Other than that i think it was kinda fun. Also it was really easy to do. I dont think i would have volunteered without being ask to however im glad i did. Those are pros and cons of when i volnteered.

5-4-2012 Blog Post #2 - My strongest HOM-

In this blog post, I will describe how I use my ability to laugh at myself to help others and me be more successful(or less productive). I do this by knowing when ive done somthing stupid or wrong and laugh at it.

2-24-2012- 11 Sentence Paragraph on HOM
Today in ECS we talked about the 16 habits of mind. My strongest habit of mind was creating, imagining and innovating. I think this one is my strongest because i like to be creative and i have been told and have a weird imagination.That is why I think that creating, imagining and innovating is my strongest habit of mind. Managing impulse is my weakest habit of mind. Usually when i have a thought or idea I do not wait for an appropriate time to talk and sometimes i will mess around on my computer before im suppose to. This is definitely my worst habit of mind because i feel like in my family because we talk so much that if i don't get that thought out right when i think of it that by time i have time to add in on the conversation i have already forgotten what i was going to say. There are many ways i can help myself manage impulsivity .The way i think it would be best to help me manage impulsivity is to write down what i want to say and then wait for the the appropriate time to say it. That way i can still feel like i got it out of my head and i wont forget about it later if i write it down.That is my worst and best habit of mind and how i could improve my weakest habit of mind.
external image 16HabitsofMind1.jpg