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Don't think that I'm weird or my Home Page is. I didn't know how to funkify it up so I put down a bunch of random stuff.
external image Family_Circus_21101.jpg
Hey!!! The name's Mari!
My family and I play wii
bowling every Christmas
because that's what out
Grandma likes to do and
of course I crush the rest
of the family and this
cartoon reminded me of
it. Also, I only added the
tie-dye because I had to
add some color to my

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRFrn7g9tpDeu836hASub-viAmXlkaDj3UMrXEos7K6XZB4x6B47yCuwlJ8
external image softball_yellowre.jpg
I play all of these sports:
external image VolleyBall-plain.gif
external image
My puppies - Liberty
(born on the 4th of
July believe it or not)
and Buddy
Here are a few quotes: