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Blog Post
I've done this stuff before, like working with Movie Maker. I thought Quest Atlantis had its easy and hard parts.
I didn't mind class at the beginning of the quarter, but now I sometimes dread coming here. Honestly, I'm sick of gum chewing, metacognating, pirate, small head, big head, habits of mind, movie maker, the same questions over and over again, and everything else that is just plain out repetitive. I got sick of hearing everything over again. I just wanted to hear something new and be able to work on my work alone and not being annoyed and interrupted the whole time.
Out of the three, I would have to say pirate even though I'm tired of hearing about her and the other two. Pirate doesn't gross me out as much.
I will remember some of the Habits of Minds. I'll never forget metacognition as long as I live.
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Tell about your volunteer experience. Give 3 benefits, 1 drawback, and what this has to do with the word legacy.
My volunteer experience was sometimes ok and sometimes not so ok. 3 benefits to it was I got to do some different things like meet new people, I got a steamer, and I was able to watch my brother's baseball game while I volunteered. One drawback is that I sat at the copy machine the whole time for one of my volunteer activities. By volunteering, I'm leaving my legacy. Others will remember me by my work.
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5/4/2012 -
My Strongest HOM.
In this blog post, I will describe how I use my ability to find humor and laugh at myself to
help me and others be more successful. I can find humor in bad situations. When someone is feeling down, I'm able to find some humor in their situation that will most likely make them laugh. I try not to make the humor offensive to them. I'm also able to laugh at random things. This helps my day be brighter. Sometimes others can see the humor in what I'm laughing at too. Lastly, life is short! You don't want to waste your time being gloomy and upset, so I find humor in stuff and it makes almost everything better (unless your angry beyond belief). I try to help others see the light of things and find humor in it to lighten up their day and mood. Overall, I do my best to find humor in things and am rewarded with having a better mood at school and better vibes surrounding me.
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4/24/12 - 11 sentence paragraph on HOM
My biggest strength is probably being able to laugh at things and my worst is metacognating. My biggest strength is the Habit of Mind #14- I can laugh at myself and find humor in many situations. I refrain from belittling or making gun of others because of their differences. I'm able to find humor in a lot of stuff because it is either funny or it reminds me of a memory and that makes me laugh. I don't make fun of people because of their differences or I try not to because most of the time I feel bad for the person who doesn't fit in or seems different from everyone else. My biggest weakness would have to be Habit of Mind #5- I try to be aware of how I am thinking (metacognition) when I am tryng to solve a problem. I don't understand why someone would try to think about how they're thinking about something when they're currently thinking about that something (probably didn't make any sense). It just seems like a waste of time and I don't know how it's supposed to make one more successful in life. To help me improve on Habit of Mind #5, I'm going to use a discussion tab. As often as I can, I'm going to add to it about how I learned that day and how I was learning about it. For example, I might add in that I listened or asked for help or looked at pictures to help me learn. Hopefully I'll get better at Habit of Mind #5, but for now I can't just let one Habit of Mind improve while the rest are stuck where they are so I'll keep working on them all and improving them.
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